August 9, 2022
For Immediate Release

Peterborough Ex Steer Show Results

Douro, ON As part of the 2022 Peterborough Exhibition, the Peterborough Agricultural Society
held the Ernest Boyles & Sons Steer Show and Sale. Judging took place on August 4, 2022 at
the Vollering Farm in Douro. The prize steers are currently up for auction at
Jason McIntosh
Auctions on

Steer Show Results:

Placing Exhibitor
1st Doug Leahy
2nd Pat Leahy
3rd Scott and Andy Vollering
4th Leahy Brothers
5th  Alyssa Leahy
6th Shannon Leahy

The animals were weighed and judged prior to being auctioned. Judges were Darrell Russet,
Russett Farms Sterling, Randy Hilts, Hilts Butcher Shop Norwood and Dave Denure, Hoard’s
Station Sale Barn, Hoard’s Station.

President Viren D’Souza, “The Steer Show and Sale is a great chance for people to get on the
farm to see the work and care that goes into breeding. Congratulations to all exhibitors for your
work and we look forward to seeing the auction results.”

Featured Supporters included Kroes Croquettes, Starfra Feeds, Battaglia Homes, Hilts Butcher
Shop, Peterborough Veterinary Services and Otonabee Meat Packers.

The top six placing steers are sold online through Jason McIntosh Auctions. Bidding closes on
August 12th and is open to the public. Processing arrangements have been made through
Otonabee Meat Packers and Hilts Butcher Shop and the producer will deliver their animal with
no additional cost. Buyers must pay for all the cutting and processing fees.


Contact: Viren D’Souza, President 6135326455