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2024 Board of Directors

2024 Peterborough Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors. We are thrilled to be working together and have some exciting events in store for the agriculture community. Our dedicated team is committed to promoting and strengthening agriculture through various initiatives. Look out for some exciting things coming this year. Thank you for supporting agriculture!

Mark Balkwill
President, Peterborough Agricultural Society

Hello Peterborough, my name is Mark Balkwill and I’m very pleased to be the new chair of the Peterborough Agricultural Society. I currently live in Buckhorn with my wife Tracy, my children Ben and Rachel also live close to us here and our lives revolve around them and the greater Peterborough community. I bring a strong background in ag as a dairy farmer and farm organization leader. My early years in 4H and Jr farmer set the stage for my years as chair of a number of local and Ontario wide organization and I hope I can us this experience to help this ag society to have a critical place in the future. I truly am looking forward to working with this young and growing group of directors and volunteers to find a new path to show case agricultural and create new experience for our city consumers to explore. I invite you to reach out to us also and share your thoughts past and future of where we fit in this community. In closing I’d like to say if you ate today thank a farmer if you are a farmer thank you Regards Mark.

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