In 1970, Marie was asked by a neighbour, Dorothy Ferguson, to assist her with the photography in the Homecraft section of the Peterborough Exhibition.

After that year, she started volunteering in the Domestic science section and, in 1980, became its’ Co-chairperson with May Ballantyne. From 1982 to 1999, she Co-Chaired the Domestic science section with Jean Deyell and the section was renamed Culinary Arts in 1994. Then from 2000 to 2008, she Co-chaired this section with Medda Burnett. She has remained on the committee and still volunteers for the judging night and staffing the Information Table every year.

In January of 2020, Marie was honoured at the Annual General Meeting of the Peterborough Agricultural Society for her many years of volunteering.

Marie has been an organized, dependable and tireless volunteer throughout her time with Homecraft. At the age of almost 102, she still enthusiastically volunteers in the Homecraft Culinary Arts judging.